Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Are you a bookworm? Need some summer travel inspiration? Check out: The New York Times: Footsteps

Are you a bookworm? Need some summer travel inspiration?

Head to your local library or independent book store and check out...

As a voracious reader who loves to travel, Footsteps: Literary Pilgrimages around the World was a wonderful, inspiring read for me!

The problem: There are so many trips on my bucket list now, I'm more inspired than ever to make all of my travel dreams come true!

You might recognize the name and the graphics: this book is a collection of the best of the New York Times‘ travel column, “Footsteps,” which explores iconic authors’ relationships to landmarks and cities around the world. This is your chance to follow F. Scott Fitzgerald's footsteps in the French Riviera, see the hidden streets of Elena Ferrante’s Naples, and tag along with Alice on her real-life Wonderland adventures.

This is a book that will have you adding several more spots to your travel bucket list thanks to truly unique itineraries. You'll also find yourself adding more books to your to-read list!

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