Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: Good Food Made Simple

Special thanks to Good Food Made Simple for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Life can get so incredibly busy these days, between school and work and everything else on my plate, that I always tuck a few frozen meals into the shopping cart so there is always something to eat in a pinch. It can be difficult, however, to find frozen foods that are healthy among the over-processed junk that fills the shelves.

Here's a new solution in the frozen food aisle:

Good Food Made Simple offers chef crafted frozen meals using clean, simple ingredients.

They have something for every taste, for breakfast or lunch or dinner, on their menu.

The Breakfast Cafe Wraps and Burritos are perfect for those mornings when you just need to get out the door and eat on the go, but if you have time, give their blueberry waffles a try. For the weekends when you have some time to linger but would rather sip that fresh cup of coffee than cook, the breakfast puffs are sublime. Available in both banana and original, these Belgian-style classics are the perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea on a lazy weekend morning.

Good Food Made Simple entrée meals are inspired by favorite restaurant recipes. What makes them different from their other friends in the frozen food aisle? They're packed full of organic veggies & whole grains, their meats are antibiotic-free and their flavors are authentic and natural. My teenage son enjoyed the decadent Cavatappi Bolognese, while my 7-year-old daughter adored the Cabot White Cheddar Mac&Cheese.

All of Good Food Made Simple's entree meals are made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients and NOTHING ARTIFICIAL. EVER. The ingredients one the nutritional label are all ingredients you would find in your pantry or fridge, and nothing artificial. You won't find any artificial ingredients, colors or flavors, chemical preservatives, fillers or MSG in these products either. 

You can find Good Food Made Simple's entree meals at your local grocery story or even Target - check out the store finder tool here.

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