Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Book Review: When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner; illustrated by David Catrow

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YOU, you… God thinks about you.
God was thinking of you long before your debut.

Everyone can use a good reminder every once in a while that God is on your side, cheering for you. Here's a beautifully illustrated children's books that reminds kids -- just as they are looking to discover their place in the world -- that they are not only deeply loved by God but a one-of-a-kind creation in this crazy universe.

When God Made You inspires young readers to learn about their own special God-given gifts. The beautiful illustrations are simply filled with joy, too, making this book uplifting for the both the little kids that are being read to and the adult that is doing the reading aloud. While geared towards kids, the gentle words and reminders in this sweet picture book are great for teens and adults, too. 
‘Cause when God made YOU, somehow God knew
That the world needed someone exactly like you!

Check out When God Made You  today - now available at your local independent bookstore or library!
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