Saturday, November 19, 2016

10 Things You Should Never Ever Put in a Christmas Hamper

Christmas can be a challenging time of year for all sorts of reasons. The traffic can be particularly heavy, there’s pressure to make sure all the family is visited, and then, of course, there’s the requirement to head to the high street to buy gifts for the whole family and friends. It’s not easy to find the perfect gifts for loved ones because people expect presents that are unique and well thought about.
Fortunately, the best Christmas hampers are filled with delights that loved ones are bound to adore. They can be filled with alcohol, tasty delights as well as a number of other treats, and they can be as cheap or expensive as a person desires.
Hampers from companies such as The Basket People vary wildly in price, and that means people can shop on a budget or splash out on something extra luxurious. However, there are definitely certain things that shouldn’t be put in a hamper. Below, this article will take a look at 10 items that might not be appreciated by those who receive a hamper as a gift this upcoming Christmas.

Don’t Put These in a Christmas Hamper
Those who want to make sure the recipient loves their Christmas hamper should avoid filling it with the following items.
  • Plastic measuring scoop sets – Almost everybody already has this stored away in their drawers at home, and it does nothing to show the buyer thought outside the box.
  • Cheap bowls – It’s better to avoid anything that looks cheap because the recipient is unlikely to be impressed. Plus, large bowls can take up a lot of space.
  • Body wash – Who has never received body wash for Christmas? It’s better to try and think of gifts with a difference.
  • Baking pans – Is this a way of telling people they should cook more? It’s probably best to avoid putting baking pans in hampers.
  • Wooden spoons and spatulas – This is far from an exciting idea and almost certainly already in the recipient’s possession.
  • Pizza cutters – In this day and age, almost everybody eats pizza on a relatively regular basis. That means that most people already have a pizza cutter, but a sharp knife will do the same job.
  • Mugs and glasses – A lot of people already struggle to make room in their cupboards for the mugs they have, so it’s best not to add to their collection.
  • Colander – Similar to large bowls, colanders take up a lot of space and shouldn’t be put in hampers.
  • Summer sausage – People like sweet treats for Christmas, not sausages.
  • Loofah – Most people already have a loofah and don’t even use it.
The Perfect Christmas Hampers
Hampers should be filled with gifts that match the recipient’s interests rather than items that can typically already be found in a household. As long as people put a little thought into the gifts they buy, they can be sure they’ll see a smile on their loved one’s face this Christmas.

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