Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guest Post: 5 things to do when you check in and out of a hotel

Ever wondered what to do when booking into a hotel to make sure a person gets the best satisfaction and memory of the stay? Many people just leave everything to the hotel, hoping everything will work out and, that the hotel will have their best interests at heart, and make sure that the customer has a good time staying there. Most people believe this is the case, because surely the hotel wants to maintain its best reputation, so that guests will maybe come back and stay again, one day.

Do the homework
Also, in these days of the Internet, some people will simply leave a message in the review section of an online hotel booking site, and nobody wants to read bad reviews about their hotel, do they? In Western Australia, Broome Time Accommodation has really got its act together and is offering the best stay for everybody.

So, let’s take a little look at what to look out for when booking in and out of a hotel and not end up having a hotel from hell, experience!
1 – Ask to see the room before taking belongings to it and make sure it’s habitable. Anything unsightly, grubby or smelly, should have one asking “do I want to stay here?”
2 – Where are the fire exits? If a fire did start at any time, one would need to know how to get out of the building as fast as possible. Running around in a smoke filled corridor, looking for a fire escape door, when there’s smoke everywhere, could make the difference between life and death.  
3 - Always ask to be given a room away from the elevator and large groups of tourists that might make noise, and definitely not in a room with a connecting door. Everybody wants that good night’s sleep!
4 – Check what amenities the hotel has to offer. The amenities provided in hotels vary greatly from hotel to hotel, while in some places, certain amenities may be standard in all rooms. In others, they may be optional for an additional cost. Do the homework and everyone is happy later on! For accommodation in Broome, there are online hotels with first class amenities and a unique ambience. So make sure to select the best during one’s stay.
5 – When leaving, make sure to do a rigorous scan of the room to make sure that you’ve left absolutely nothing behind. Check the bathroom and under the bed also. Nothing worse than getting a long way away from a place that one has stayed, and then realising that one’s reading glasses are no longer present, and the last time they were seen, was on the bedside cabinet. A maid usually goes to check a room when a guest is leaving, to see if anything was left behind. But she just might miss that pair of glasses that fell down between the bed and the bedside table. Double check just to give one that peace of mind that makes sure nothing is left behind. Enjoy!

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