Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Only the Best for your Special Day

Planning a wedding is a daunting prospect, and if one wants the guests to remember it for all the right reasons, there is a lot to do. The flowers and the bride’s dress are not the only items that have to be arranged, and with so much to organise, here are some helpful tips to help make it a special day for everyone.

Event planning

The very fact that such a position exists means that it is essential to have someone at the helm, as
events have habit of springing unexpected surprises, and a wedding can’t have a retake. The event
planner would methodically work through everything, from video and images, to the ice for the
reception, leaving the happy couple to enjoy the experience. The event planner would have a large
network of vendors, and could arrange for any service one thought necessary.

Video and stills

One of the first things that comes to mind is the video and photograph services, and if the wedding happens to be in Western Australia, Dream Day Productions are the perfect choice. Of course, one wants a record of that memorable day, and while it may have been fashionable to hire the trendy high­street photographer in the past, modern weddings require a cost­efficient solutions, and all masterfully combined using the latest technology.

Think of the guests

While this is the bride and groom’s day, the guests will determine if the event is a hit or not, so consider who is coming, and base the entire event around a theme that would work with all the invited parties. One great idea is to ask the video people try and get at least one shot of every guest, and a week or so after, the couple can email a small presentation of the highlights to each guest, which is a really nice gesture.

The reception

This could almost be a separate project from the marriage ceremony, and again, needs the event manager to make sure everything runs smoothly. The menu and the d├ęcor might be tuned to a theme, but often it is better to go with something that suits the guests. The venue should be of adequate size, and don’t forget to arrange parking facilities, oh, and make sure the guests have clear directions, perhaps one could send them a Google map. The reception is a time for the newlyweds to relax, as the ceremony is over, and there’s the honeymoon to look forward to.

The memory

The video and images are the most important items after the ceremony and reception are over, and one shouldn’t take a chance with such an important occasion. Professional videographers will ensure that the event is captured for all to remember. Most wedding photographers would request a short discussion with the couple prior to the big day, just to get a feel of their personalities and lifestyle,which helps no end on the day. The finished video production should be copied and sent to all theguests, and it will be cherished by all, if it is professionally put together. A Perth wedding videographer would be the ideal choice, if one lived in Western Australia, as he or she would be experienced and would know all the best angles, ensuring the happy couple has high­quality memories in the form of video and still images.
memories, in the form of video and still images.videographer
 would be the ideal choice, if one lived in Western Australia, as he or she would be
experienced and would know all the best angles, ensuring the happy couple has high­quality
memories, in the form of video and still images.
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