Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to School with Stonyfield, Justin's Peanut Butter and PackIt Lunchboxes

Special thanks to Stonyfield for sponsoring this post. 

September is a bittersweet time for me: not only do I send my kids off to school, but I also send myself off to work. I bid farewell to my short-lived months as a SAHM and head back to the classroom, where a fresh batch of students awaits me. At the end of every summer, steeped in everything us moms do to manage our families, I wonder, with much anxiety: How am I going to do all this AND work 40 plus hours per week? And then I gently remind myself, I've been at this for the past 10 years. I. Can. Do. It.
The smell of fresh crayons still sends me in a tizzy and I adore shopping for school supplies for my kids and my classroom. September is when I draw up my goals for the year, when I revamp my wardrobe, when I clear the clutter in my life - September is my "new year."

It's also time for me to figure out lunchbox options for both myself and my kids. While my son usually opts to eat the goods sold in his high school cafeteria, my daughter and I both head to school with packed lunchboxes. Here are five new lunchbox treat options on my radar for this upcoming school year: 

Almond butter and pretzels. Need I say more? Nothing artificial and packed with protein, these yummy new snacks are lunchbox ready. I also keep a couple in my car in case anyone needs a pick-me-up as we make our way to piano lessons, etc. 

With no added sugars, flavors or preservatives, these fruit leathers are the real (yummy) deal. Plus each one has a half serving of fruit. 

I keep Stonyfield YoKids Squeezers in the freezer: my kids eat them afterschool as popsicles (these are so much better than your standard, sugar-based popsicles!) and pop them frozen into lunchboxes so they're thawed out but still a cool treat by lunchtime. 

These mini grahams are both delicious and adorably shaped. Organic and gluten free too!

Fresh fruit!

I always turn to fruit for a healthy snack for both the kids and I. Nature's candy is always a treat!

Finally, check out these cute and functional PackIt freezable lunchboxes. These funky patterned lunch bags are the only all-in-one coolers that chill food and drinks up to 10 hours. They come in a variety of sizes that fold up for compact storage in your freezer.

What are your favorite lunchbox treats? Share with me on twitter @amybizzarri. Here's to an awesome new school year!
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