Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Traveling Australia on a Budget

Australia is not just a country, it is a continent, which accurately reflects the sheer enormity of this island, yes, Australia is an island! Due to the expanse, if a person is considering a holiday, it is wise to look at the different regions, as each has its own magical recipe to attract the tourist. With some careful research, it is possible to tailor a route to suit everyone. Let’s have a look at the main areas of interest to a traveller, in no particular order.


Given the abbreviation QLD, Queensland is the third most populous, and the second largest state, with a treasure trove of attractions for the visitor. This region was inhabited by aboriginal Australians until the beginning of the 17th century, when the first Europeans arrived. Often referred to as the “sunshine state”, Queensland is located in the north-eastern part of the country. Tourism is a major player, with thousands of domestic and foreign tourists flocking to spend their time in an exotic, and quite varied range of environments.

Where to stay

There are many campsites and resorts that provide essential services, and with the Australian outdoor lifestyle, cheap travelling has evolved into an art. Accommodation is abundant, and if a person is price-focused and prepared to rough it a little, relatively cheap solutions are out there.

Western Australia

WA is the state that covers the western third of the country, and with the Indian Ocean to the north and west, and the Southern Ocean to the south, Western Australia is the largest state, covering more than 2.5M square kilometres.

Where to stay

Broome is a coastal town in the Kimberley area of WA, and in the summer, the population is trebled by the influx of visitors, eager to experience the magic of a port steeped in history. Broome Time Accommodation do cheap rooms in Broome, with a range of sizes, set in a clean and natural environment, it is an ideal hub for the few days it takes to really see the town. There is a range of cheap accommodation in Broome, as it is such a popular tourist destination.

Family focused
Some of the resorts in Broome are very family oriented, following the Aussie tradition of family participation, there are many interesting activities lined up for all the family. Anyone who is budget conscious, and looking for a clean and eye-pleasing location to put their head down, will find many examples of cheap accommodation in Broome, and with so much rich history to explore, the best way is to stay for a few days, at least. Some tourists have no route for touring, other than to Broome and back home, as it is their one and only holiday destination. The town’s culture is a strange mixture of pearling, and word war events, combined with the local festivities, making Broome a must-visit place.

The country is too large to go into detail, but it is safe to say, that the Australian holiday experience is something not to be missed, with the local hospitality and exotic locations, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.
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