Friday, April 22, 2016

Italian Language Summer Camp for Kids ages 1 -14 in Chicago #OldIrvingPark


Our indoor and outdoor Summer Camp will encourage our  students to rediscover the simplicity of playing with what surrounds us, such as: rocks, sand, dirt, wood, flowers, water etc. and with what we can do with our bodies, such as: jumping, running, using our body movements to re-create animals, objects, feelings, other people, etc.
Within this Theme Frame, we will also have sport, music, snack and story time and a special Art Workshop dedicated to some of the most famous European Painters. 
The camp will be 100% in Italian
All Levels are welcome! Based on enrollment, we hope to create a bilingual and a mixed level group. 
Students age 3-14 years old are welcome to join our camp. Our students will be divided into age-appropriate groups. 
Students 1-3 years old will be able to register for 6 series of: THE BEST OF IL NIDO!
 Each week we will review one song, rhyme, lullaby and learning topic introduced in our previous sessions. You can sign up for one week or for both weeks
Monday- Wednesday- Friday: July 11th-13th-15th
Monday- Wednesday- Friday: July 18th-20th-22nd
9am-12pm (3-14 years old)
9.15-10.15am (1-3 years old)

St. John’s Episcopal Church
3857 N Kostner Ave
Chicago, IL 60641
To register write us at:
Or call Barbara at
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