Saturday, February 13, 2016

MANMADE by Chris Salgardo

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Easter is on its way, and I'm already looking forward to filling up my kid's Easter baskets. I always add a book or two or three as my kids are both voracious readers. My 6-year-old daughter will be receiving a Peter Rabbit collection. Here's a book I picked out for my 14-year-old son: 

MANMADE by Chris Salgardo 

As my son edges towards becoming a man and no longer a little boy, I'm happy to report he actually cares about being well groomed. As a high school teacher, I see so many young boys that could care less. I hope to have instilled in my son the fact that a being well-groomed is an important part of an everyday self-care routine. Taking care of yourself lets the world know that you care about yourself. And when you care about yourself, and love yourself, only then can you give your best self and love to others.Chris Salgardo is the charismatic president of cult-favorite skin-care line Kiehl's. In Manmade, he delivers the definitive guide to grooming every man needs—and was afraid to ask for.
Manmade shows young men (and adults....) how to take care of your skin and body the best way possible. This guide tailors advice to fit with a man's lifestyle and interest level: the polished gentleman; the extreme sports enthusiast; the bad boy/rebel; the artistic renaissance man; and the DIY hipster. These are all the insiders' secrets you need to know for looking impeccably groomed.
Manmade is the perfect gift for the young (or old) man in your life. Find it online or at your local bookstore.

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