Monday, February 8, 2016

How do you help teach your kids to take care of their toys/books/stuff?

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Remember Eloise? My 6-year-old loves to read about this mischevious little girl who lives on the tippy top floor of the Plaza Hotel. We always laugh at the image of Eloise sitting in her disaster of a playroom:


Because a messy playroom is one of the many things my daughter and Eloise have in common!

I'm working hard to teach my daughter some organizational skills. It starts with a messy playroom and moves on to disorganization at school and beyond. How do you teach your kids organizational skills?

It's important to keep in mind that playrooms are a place to play. No kid should feel like their playroom always needs to be sparkling clean. A little mess is okay in my mind. But too much of a mess means you can't always find your toys or feel comfortable when you play. It was important to me that my daughter understands why it's best to be organized. 

Here are our playroom organization rules:

1. Put your toys away in their spot when you're done playing with them. 

2. Once a month, sort through your toys and choose a few to donate. 

3. Keep it simple: no kid needs to have a playroom filled to the brim with toys. 

Here's another solution:

Pley lets you rent unlimited toys for unlimited fun. Your kids can choose their favorite toys - LEGO®, K'NEX, and More...and they're delivered to your door! When your kids are done with the toy, you just send it back for a new shipment. Play, Return, Repeat.

There are clear advantages to renting your toys: 

Renting toys gives you access to a bigger selection of toys. And toys offer learning opportunities. The more varied the toys, the more learning and motor skill opportunities. Pley offers access to a large selection of educative toys, including 400+ LEGO sets and popular robotics toys.

When you rent toys, you have access to the latest and greatest toys. Your kids will have a chance to check out a new toy to see if they like it. 

It's cheaper to rent toys. On average, Pley members save ~$800/year.

Perhaps the biggest reason, however: Renting toys helps reduce clutter. There is nothing worse than having a mountain of toys that no one even really plays with any longer. Pley packages get delivered to your door and when the kids are done playing, they can return them for a new toy. No more toys sitting unused on shelves!

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How do you help teach your kids to take care of their toys/books/stuff? Share in the comments below!

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