Monday, December 7, 2015

Guest Post: Shopping tips for the holidays

Disclosure: This guest post with links is written by Sam Rimini. I have received compensation for posting and editing. 

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As we are nearing the much awaited holiday season, many of us are still trying to cross off items from our holiday gift giving list. Holiday shopping can be both fun and hectic. It is fun to select presents for our loved ones but difficult to find this perfect something that everyone will appreciate and also elbow out the other crazy shoppers on the way. The list of people to give gifts to is never-ending from family members to friends and of course acquaintances like teachers, coaches, baby sitters, neighbors and even the dog walker.

Many of us tend to go overboard on our shopping sprees and end up spending more than we intended. 

However, it is important to start saving early and make a proper shopping list with a realistic budget to keep your finances in control during the holiday season. It also helps to look out for deals and coupons that offer good discounts at shops such as Target and e-commerce stores.

It is also important to think thoroughly before making any impulsive purchase. When in doubt, be creative and think of the gifts that you’ve received and cherished throughout the years. Some presents such as a scrapbook or a photo collage - although not very expensive can be treasured for many moments to come!  

We have rounded up some gift ideas for even the most hard-to-buy recipients of your shopping list:
·         Movie theatre gift certificates – it's a great present for anyone to enjoy on a day off. It is practically impossible to find a person that isn't interested in any type of movies at all, so the possibility of having a grumpy recipient gets smaller!
·         Nail colors – women love those things. It's awesome to have a big selection of nail polish to choose from, but it often results expensive so you just end up getting the same old color you have ever used. If you know a lady who enjoys having her hands stand out, this might be a good idea.
·         Special scented soaps and bath bubbles – everyday life is full of stress, so some relax in the evening is more than welcome for anyone. A scented bath helps immensely at such times. Show your loved one how much you care and gift them a little pleasure.
Other than that, you can also consider such universal presents as a bottle of sparkling cider, basket filled with treats or a board game for the whole family for some quality time together. Think about what that special someone might enjoy, and in any case practical presents will never go to waste.

So now you have made your list and done your research on the best places to go for discounts – you’re ready to shop till you drop. 

Good luck on your shopping trips and enjoy the holidays like they are meant to - with family and loved ones.

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