Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: Owls by Matt Sewell

I recently received a review copy of Owls, by Matt Sewell, a lovely, illustrated guide to owls around the world.

I'm captivated by owls. Yesterday, I visited Cosley Farm in Wheaton, where a Great Horned Owl was perched, noble and wise, on a branch. They are such beautiful, magnificent creatures. It's no surprise to me that they are so celebrated in stories and myth. The Pawnee tribes of the Great Plains, for example, viewed owls as the symbol of protection from any danger within their realms.

In this lovely, whimsical, illustrated guide, British artist Matt Sewell captures fifty species from around the world. You'll find owls of every size - from the Eurasian Pygmy Owl to the Great Gray Owl - and age - from fluffy babies to wise old owls. The pop-art watercolours and fun texts make this book a wonderful coffeetable read. Owls seem to fit into the fall season for me at least, and I like reading about an owl or two from this book everyday as I enjoy a warm cup of tea from my comfy living room sofa. Guests to my home have also enjoyed this book. Though it would make a lovely gift for the bird-watching enthusiasts in your family, everyone - children, adults and art and design fans alike - will appreciate this thoughtful tome on one of the most interesting, complex and beautiful bird species.

Owls by Matt Sewell is available on amazon.com or at your local independent bookstore.


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