Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cardinal Health™ Hospital Quality at Home™ #BringTheCaringHome #IC #ad

Disclosure: Cardinal Health sent me this product to try, and donated to a charity of my choice.

With two kids, including a teen boy rides a bike to and from school daily, it's inevitable that we deal with bumps, bruises and scrapes. Just last week, my son fell off his bike and we had a badly scraped knee on our hands. With so many families dealing with home care issues - of kids and ageing parents - obtaining the best medical supplies for home care proves a difficult task. There's nothing quite like bouncing from pharmacy to drugstore in search of the right products, among a sea of varieties and brands, when you're in a pinch and just want to get home to care for your loved one ASAP.

Cardinal Health™ Hospital Quality at Home™ products make it easier to gather everything you need to treat your loved ones, especially when it comes to the transition from hospital to home recovery. The products offer professional quality yet are easy to use at home so you can focus on healing and recovery.

Cardinal Health medical products and services are used by most U.S. hospitals. They recently launched a line of at-home care products to provide comfort and independence while promoting healing. The Cardinal Health™ brand offers a full assortment of hospital-quality products to consumers, including Advanced Wound Care, First Aid, Personal Care, and Home Healthcare products.
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The Wound Care kit came in handy this week after my son's bike incident. I was able to clean, treat, and wrap up his wound in a flash, so he could relax and rest his knew.

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The Cardinal HealthTM Advanced Wound Care products  cover a wide range of needs that aid healing, offer long-lasting protection, and help provide a moist environment, which helps promote wound healing. Ideal for local wounds such as blisters, minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns and minor surgical wounds, you can also use the products for issues such as early stage bedsores (under the supervision of a health care professional).
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