Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Working Mom Lifesaver of the Day: MyBuckleMate Makes it Easier Than Ever to Buckle Your Kids in and GO!

I lways say that getting my kids off to school and myself off to work is the toughest part of my day. I'll do pretty much anything and everything to streamline our busy mornings.

Recently I was sent a MyBuckleMate for review. It's small, it's simple, and best of all, it makes it easier than ever to buckle up in the backseat with one hand (just like you do in the driver's seat). This may sound like a small miracle, but I no longer have to buckle my 5-year-old daughter into her booster seat: she can do it entirely on her own, and in a snap. In fact, MyBuckleMate was designed for kids in booster seats and it's perfect for little and big hands. It fits in tight spaces and between booster seats and also fits securely so seats can be folded down without removing it and does not alter the buckle in any way. All I have to do now is check to make sure that my daughter is properly buckled in. Yes, it's true: I no longer have to twist and break my back, trying to find the darn buckle and then snap it in. It makes flopped over, recessed seatbelts a thing of the past.

Here's another important perk: MyBuckleMate not only offers ease of buckling but also provides an important safety measure allowing kids to buckle and unbuckle themselves (kids need to be able to unbuckle themselves in the event of an accident).

MyBuckleMate is the only product of its kind on the market today. It’s mom-invented, family owned and proudly made in the USA. Available in black and beige and works in over 45 cars, SUVs and mini vans. Retails for $13.99.
It's a small change that makes mornings easier while also making your kid-sized passengers just a bit safer. 

Learn more and order your buckle mate today at MyBuckleMate.com

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