Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book Review: The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly

I received a review copy but was not asked to write a review. All opinions are my own.

I jumped at the chance to review The Read Doctor Will See You Shortly. I happily have two kids who love to read, making for an in-home book club. My son, age 14, is interested in pursuing medicine and so I knew I could pass it on to him after I finished it so that we could discuss.

This book is Matt McCarthy's account of his first year as a physician. In med school, he dreamed of being a different kind of doctor- the kind of doctor that could magically reach each and every patient - a superhero with a stethoscope. Then came his his first night on call, and his dream quickly left the building. He soon struggled to regain his confidence, and more than that, to simply survive, as his med school training hadn't prepared him for the reality of life as a medical doctor.

I enjoyed this book because it gave me insight into what goes on in the mind of my own doctors. It's funny and candid, while also giving a great picture of what it takes to transform from med student to doctor. McCarthy takes readers along into patients' rooms and doctors' conferences, highlighting the thin line between doctor and patient and showing the incredible amount of tireless, hard work and care that goes into being a physician.

I'll be passing this book along to my son and sharing his views in a future post. 

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