Friday, November 14, 2014

Home Cooking Reinvented with Meez Meals DIY Meal Kids @MeezMeals

Imagine cooking delicious meals from scratch without hunting for recipes, going to the store, or standing in the kitchen chopping and dicing.
Sounds dreamy, right?

This past fall was crazy for me. As a working mom - a teacher and a writer - with two kids in elementary school, it was beginning to feel like a major feat to get dinner on the table every night. Grocery shopping was leaving me frazzled; I felt like my usual recipes were getting old; and I found myself ordering carry-outs far too often (and I'm not a huge fan of carry-outs). Mealtime was stressing me out...and the last thing I need after a stressful day at work is to stress out over dinnertime. 
Then along came Meez Meals to save the day! 
This service has truly revolutionized my weekdays. I realize this might sound like an exaggeration, but it's not. Let's put it this way: My time is money and I'm not only saving time...but also money. Since Meez Meals entered my life, I only have to pop into the grocery store once every week or two weeks to grab some pantry essentials and simple lunch and breakfast items. I no longer stress out over meal planning. Our family no longer resorts to carry-outs or dining out on weekdays. Best of all, we are eating healthier than ever. My weekly food expenses have been cut. 
So what is Meez Meals? 
Meez Meals helps Chicagoans rediscover the magic of home cooking by delivering prepped and ready-to-cook ingredients for fun, creative and delicious meals. Founded in 2010, Meez Meals is the leading do-it-yourself meal kit delivery service in Chicago. 
Every Friday morning, I order from 5 original recipes at There’s no commitment, so I can order as many meals as I want, when I want. I can also customize our family's meals: Gluten-free? Vegan? Hate onions? Meals are customized.
On Monday afternoon, Meez Meals delivers all the ingredients for making each of the recipes for our family. Everything packed in a special cooler box, so I don’t even have to be there to receive it. I just put everything into the refrigerator until I'm ready. It’ll all stay fresh for a week. I opt for five meals - so that's five bags filled with already prepped ingredients and a recipe card. Meez does all the prep work, so I can cook from scratch without the hassle: The onions are diced. The spices are measured. Everything is clearly labeled, and packaged for freshness. The top-quality ingredients create recipes that are healthy and delicious. Recipes are new each week and average from $8 to $12.50 per serving.
The step-by-step instructions make it easy to cook up a masterpiece. Most meals are on the table in 20 to 30 minutes. If you get stuck, you can even call the Meez dinner hotline for tips. With the prep done, cooking is fun and fast. 
Meez Meals are vegetarian, which works for our family, but the recipes do include ideas for incorporating meat. One thing is for sure: I am definitely getting my fill of a rainbow of yummy veggies each week, and so are my kids.   

So what are you waiting for? Meez Meals delivers to 1,000 square miles around Chicagoland, including downtown Chicago, the North Shore, Waukegan, Schaumburg, Naperville, Hoffman Estates, Downer’s Grove, and everywhere in between.  Leave a comment in the comments section and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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