Monday, October 20, 2014

7 Reasons Why Greece Is an Excellent Family Travel Destination

Greece is a magical travel destination, where the past and present meld together before a backdrop of stunning beaches and magnificent historical sites. “Paidiá, kalosírthate!” - Children are welcome! - is an expression commonly heard, and your family is bound to create beautiful memories as you explore both the modern cities and ancient history of this fascinating country. Here are 7 reasons why Greece is an excellent family travel destination:

Rhodes, Greece

Sunny, sandy beaches with crystal-clear, azure waters. The beaches in Greece are unbeatable - many have been voted the best in the world. Swim, surf, build sandcastles to your heart's contest - or just lie back on a chaise lounge and enjoy the scenery. 

Living history. History comes alive in Greece, giving your kids to walk in the same spots as their favorite mythological heroes and historical figures - from Alexander the Great to Zeus.

Delicious, kid-friendly cuisine. Greece is the home of the Mediterranean diet: virgin olive oil, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables are the focus here, and your kids will find something on every menu that appeals to their taste buds, while parents can count on some of the freshest, innovative cuisine of Europe. 

Connect with nature. The lovely countryside of Greece is spotted with olive, orange and lemon groves. Nature reserves offer families opportunities to connect with the amazingly diverse ecosystem. 

Enjoy island life. Over 6,000 Greek islands and islets are scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, giving visitors a unique taste of island life. The excellent ferry transportation systems make it easy to island hop and explore. 
Modern cities. Greece's cities offer a full menu of things to do - museumsarchaeological sitesshopping and nightlife
Easy to book accommodations. With everything from five-star resorts to sleek self-catered apartments, tour operators like First Choice make it easy to book accommodations in Greece. Choose from luxury apartments or villas or more affordable resorts and hotels - there is a home away from home for every family in Greece. 

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