Monday, September 15, 2014

#MakesMeSmileMondays Happy Birthday, Morton Salt Girl! #MortonSaltGirl100

Disclosure: Special thanks to MommyParties and Morton Salt for sponsoring this post. 

Whenever I drive from our Logan Square neighborhood to the Chicago Loop, I pass by the Morton Salt Facility.

Did you know that Morton Salt was born in Chicago in 1848? Since then, the Morton Salt Girl has changed her look but hasn't aged a day. I love seeing her transformation over the decades.

I hosted a small gathering to celebrate the birthday of this American icon

I loved learning more about this little Chicago girl. 

"Ever since the introduction of anti-caking salt in 1911, the Morton Salt Company had been trying to develop a concept that properly illustrated this innovative feature.  To solve this problem, Morton hired advertising agency N.W. Ayer and Company to develop a marketing campaign that would promote the anti-caking properties of their salt.  The result of which would become one of the most iconic and enduring brand figures of all time. While several plans were proposed, an originally disregarded alternative concept was noticed by Sterling Morton, the son of founder Joy Morton.  This idea was that of a young umbrella-toting 8 year old, who was accidentally pouring salt while walking in the rain. While this concept demonstrated the value and innovation of Morton’s anti-caking salt, it also added a symbol of innocence and purity.  The Morton Salt Company adapted a new slogan, “When it rains, it pours.” inspired by a well-known proverb of the time.The ad debuted in a series of ads for Good Housekeeping in 1914, and the Morton Salt Girl was introduced to the world." ( 
You can celebrate her big 1-0-0, too! Visit and join the party! 


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