Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#makesmesmilemondays Welcome, Summer 2014!

This past weekend we kicked off summer at a lovely lake house on Birch Lake, in Michigan, with good friends and lots of fun.

It's such a blessing to me to have friends that are by now old friends - I have watched their kids grow up as they are watching mine grow up. We have 8 kids among us, ranging from babies to teens. And they are all bonded together, despite the age range: The little ones look up to the big ones; the big ones learn patience while the little ones tend to crack them up, too. There was lots of swimming and fishing and jumping off the pier into the water. Then at night when all the kids settled into bed, the adults were able to bond, too, over this view:

There is nothing quite like spending time with good friends on a crystal clear Michigan lake.

Here's to a wonderful summer of 2014!

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