Monday, May 5, 2014

A Beautiful Castle

Last night I treated my daughter to a spa night: Earlier in the day she picked out a special bath bomb from Lush - a "Dragon Egg" that fizzled in the bathtub and burst with confetti, revealing an inner "yolk" that turned her bathwater sparkly and golden. After her bath, we painted our nails; she picked the color, sea green and glittery. As she pampered herself then brushed her teeth, I reminded her that she always needs to take extra special care of her body, that God gave us each a perfectly perfect body and that we always need to take care of ourselves and treat our bodies with respect. She cheerfully told me that indeed "if I don't treat myself well, that's like God making a beautiful sandcastle and then someone knocking it down."

Are we sure that adults are smarter than children?

File:Sandcastle sculpture (4856466479).jpg
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