Monday, March 10, 2014

#MakesMeSmileMondays - Letter to My Daughter

My Dear Daughter;

Yesterday, you insisted on bringing all of your art supplies into the bathroom so you could finish your drawing while you used the toilet. I know better than to ever interrupt a woman in the middle of the creative process, so I helped you gather your crayons and we set your drawing on your stepstool before you, after which you continued your drawing while simultaneously making a poop.

All I could think as I saw you there, so immersed in your drawing that you couldn't stop for a second, was: I need to save this thought for future you. You see, sometimes when we grow into adults we can forget what we love to do; what makes us happiest. It is such a blessing to spend time with you, Chiara, since you follow your heart and do what makes you happy; at your tender age you don't need any reminding.  But one day, you may find yourself in a slump. And if you do, here's what you need to do:

You, at age 2, sketching.

You need to grab all your art supplies, your craft supplies, whatever supplies your art as an adult requires: it could be a pen, it could be a set of carpentry tools - who knows! You thrive on creating, Chiara; Since you were a teeny tiny toddler you've loved to create. You really have never liked toys or dolls so much as a brand new box of crayons, a huge stack of construction paper or a big set of colorful beads and string. Maybe when you are an adult your creations won't be paintings or drawings: there are so many ways we can bring the joy of using our hands to create art into any career.

My point is this: whenever you feel  down and out, you'll know that it's time for you to get back to your art. Even better, go outdoors and do it - you like nothing more than creating with natural materials - even stones and sticks and leaves - outdoors, enveloped in nature.

I'm going to put this letter away someday to remind you of the time that not even a poop would stop you from practicing your art.

Love always,


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