Friday, January 10, 2014 new oven! Review: Kenmore 5.8 cu. ft. Double-Oven Gas Range

Disclosure: I received my new oven from Kenmore as a prize from a raffle at a holiday event I attended.

I received a wonderful gift on Christmas Eve.... a new oven!

It's a Kenmore 5.8 cu. ft. Double-Oven Gas Range, stainless steel with black detailing... and I love it! It has made meal prep soooo much easier, especially when I was cooking up a storm over the holidays. My oven was delivered on Christmas Eve morning and was immediately put to work.

Here's what I love about my new oven:  

-Since it's a double oven, I can cook two dishes at two different temperatures all at once! (The lower oven has 3.5 cu. ft. of capacity and the upper has 2.3 cu. ft., for a total of 5.8 cu. ft. oven capacity).  This saves so much time: I can have bread cooking in one oven and a roast baking in the other. 

-It's energy saving: I usually find myself using only the smaller upper oven.   

-Both ovens are self-cleaning. 
Plus the cooktop cast iron grates are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

-The cooktop's dual-cavity range features a high-output power burner and a center oval burner. I'm spending a whole lot less time waiting for water to boil thanks to the 14,200 BTU and 9,500 BTU burners. 

-The 5,000 BTU center simmer burner is ideal to prepare delicate foods and sauces. Over the holidays, it was ideal for mulling cider and wine and keeping soups warm and ready to serve. 

Isn't it funny how once we switch to a newer appliance we can't imagine how we got any cooking done using the former appliance? This oven has truly made life in the kitchen a whole lot easier! If you have any specific questions about my new oven, feel free to leave a question in the comments section and I'll be happy to answer!

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