Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cheers to All the Working Moms

Yesterday was one of those days when I wondered how I do it. Between work, a committment downtown in the afternoon, and cooking dinner together with the kids, I also served as a homework advisor, cupcake deliverer (to my son's band class), school drop-offer and picker-upper, lunch packer, and cooking instructor. I also served as videographer, as my son needed to prepare a 10-minute video for a projects so not only did we work on that but I also had to teach myself how to use iMovie (which is a good thing because sooner or later I needed to grasp this tool). I almost lost it at one point in the afternoon, but I managed to brace myself and pick myself up and return home with a smile on my face. By the time I put the kids to bed and caught up on a bit of writing and blogging, do I even need to mention that I was exhausted? I pretty much passed out into bed.

One of my SAHM friends on facebook shared this graphic yesterday:

And of course I wanted to respond: Um, I'm a working mom and I do all those things, too. Minus the daycare: I work full time and take care of high school aged kids (and I really do feel like more than a mom than a teacher to them so many times throughout the day). If I were truly compensated for everything I do, I'd be a millionaire for sure!

I'm not complaining, I just want to say that being a working mom is one the hardest things ever. And I am not dissing stay-at-home moms either: I don't work in the summer so technically I'm a SAHM in the summertime (but if I compare it to working mom-hood, being a SAHM, for me at least, is a walk in the park compared to being a working mom).

This is a pep talk not just for you, my fellow working mom, but also for me: Let's just take it day by day, remembering that one day the kids will be grown and flown away from the coop and we'll miss these crazy days. They will pay off. Our sons and our daughters will value our contributions to our families and to our communities and to our world. Our daughters will know that they have choices - that they can both work and have a family (and hopefully there will be better supports in place by the time they are in our place). Our sons will know that they will have to stand up and support their partners 100% when they have families of their own someday. Let's remind ourselves that getting things done is more important than getting things done perfectly.

Let's make a point to pat another working mom on the back today and tell her: "You're doing a good job." Let's put our feet up at the end of the day and raise a glass (of chamomile tea) to toast a job well done for ourselves today. And let's try our best to support one another a bit more.

Cheers to you, my fellow working mom. It has to get easier, right? Here's to an awesome day, at work, and at home.

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