Thursday, December 5, 2013

What my 4-Year-Old Wants for Christmas: Magic Grow Capsules and Calico Critters

This Christmas, my daughter, age 4, has one thing on her list: she wants those little capsules, that when immersed in water, turn into sponges (Grow Magic Capsule Safari Animals). They are about $1 at the dollar store. This is one of the benefits of not having a tv in our home: my daughter is not bombarded with commercials telling her what she should want for Christmas. But of course, I want to give her a few new toys that she will enjoy throughout the year, and I'm looking for quality and toys that encourage the imagination.

#1 on my daughter's Christmas list...

Calico Critters are a great toy for preschoolers and early elementary aged kids: Sturdy and well made, these little critter families populate an idyllic countryside village. Each little critter is created with amazing attention to detail, and overall, they are simply adorable. My daughter is at the age where she loves creating her very own cast of characters and her own stories, yet she's still a bit too young to be playing dress up with dolls. These quirky little characters populate my daughter's own little in-home Calico Critter village, where many exciting events take place on a daily basis!

She already has the Calico Critters Calico Bakery , where her critters enjoy shopping for tasty pastries like cupcakes and lollipops....

And the adorable Sea Otter family - 

For Christmas, my daughter will be receiving the Calico Critters Let's Go Camping set - to commemorate our many camping trips in 2013 and more to come in 2014 (one of my daughter's favorite things to do in life!).

and the Calico Critters adventure treehouse - I can just imagine how much fun she's going to have sending her critters down the slide!
These are the big-ticket items that Santa will be bringing my 4-year-old this year. What will Santa be bringing your preschooler?

Disclosure: Special thanks to Calico Critters for providing product samples. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own, and I was not asked to write about Calico Critters. 

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