Monday, December 2, 2013

#makesmesmilemondays Chopping down our Christmas tree in the wild woods of #LoganSquare

Daniel and Chiara in the wild woods of Chicago
After a restful and joyful Thanksgiving, we headed into the wild woods of Fullerton and Western Avenue (in our Logan Square Neighborhood of Chicago) and chopped down our Christmas tree.

Normally I wouldn't bring a tree into the home quite so early, but the weather is sorelatively warm and my daughter so enchanted by all things holidays. So we picked out a beautiful, fresh tree, tied it to the roof of our car, and set it up in our home, and trimmed it with lights and our favorite ornaments, much to the delight of both the kids. 

Yesterday was also the first day of advent. We lit the first candle of the advent season, and read from Romans 13: Let us then throw off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. I reminded the kids how difficult it can be to put on that armor of light, to be the good example and a light a in the world - because it really is much easier to wade through life and not be a light. I know sometimes I let frustration loosen my armor: this advent season I'm going to focus on keeping my armor of light on, and intact. 

Chiara picks out a wreath

Even our dog, Gizmo, got into the holiday spirit. He donned his holiday sweater and sat like a human on our sofa while we trimmed the tree. I swear he is my 3rd kid. Let me rephrase that - he knows he is my 3rd kid and that's that.


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