Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Remember when Bill Cosby used to share funny interviews with kids in his Kids Say the Darndest Things series?

Yesterday in our home, I wished I'd had a video camera so I could have recorded my kids, both of whom said the darndest things during the course of the evening!

First up, 4-year-old Chiara, rationalizing why she should have a piece of chocolate after dinner:

"Mom, chocolate is healthy because it makes your poop stay brown."

(I couldn't confirm or deny that so of course I gave her a tiny piece of chocolate!)

Then 12-year-old Daniel shared about a test he took at school the previous day:

Daniel: Mom, I didn't do so good (sic) on the test I took yesterday....


Daniel: I didn't do so good...I did great! I got a 96% - I only got two wrong. I misused shrewd and I didn't remember what Bi-ASSed meant. 

Me: Bi-ASSed, as in two booties? 

The of course I went over the correct word BIASED, and of course we reviewed pronunciation. 

I was one of those days when I sincerely wondered what I did for entertainment in my pre-kids days!

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