Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Brunch at American Girl Place Chicago

 The day before Christmas I too two of the sweetest girls I know - my daughter and her BFF - to brunch at American Girl Place.

To say they enjoyed themselves would be an understatement: these two girls were THRILLED. I don't think they could have ever even imagined that such a place existed: a store made just for little girls and their dolls!

The day before our trip,  I gave my daughter a pre-Christmas gift: her very own Bitty Baby - a doll that really does look like she did when she was just a bitty baby, with her blonde hair and grey-blue eyes.

The girls were just delighted that their dolls were treated to their own special high chairs and cups and saucers. The napkin holders doubled as hair bow ties.

Chiara wearing her napkin holder/hair bow, teaching her baby how to use a cup.
 I just loved seeing my daughter take care of her little baby.

The food was wonderful! And just so adorably presented: heart shaped pancakes topped with powdered sugar and a butter star, with a side of bacon and flower shaped fruit kebabs. I enjoyed a skillet with a cup of my favorite Earl Grey Tea. The service was outstanding, too. Our waiters treated the girls like the little ladies that they are.

Even the dessert was delightful: a pudding flowerpot with a daisy.

After lunch, we enjoyed looking at all the cute dolls in the store. The girls especially liked watching the dolls being styled in the hair salon. 

If you have a little girl in your life, don't miss a visit to American Girl Place. It's the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or a holiday - or just the everyday joy of being a little girl. 

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