Friday, November 8, 2013

#ThankfulThursday Three Things I'm Thankful for This Week

It's been a tough week; All the more reason to focus on gratitude. Here are three things I'm thankful for this week:

File:LaubBlätter10.JPG1. The technology Gods seem to be conspiring against me. First my computer was stolen on Monday. Then my beloved kindle page forward key stopped working. And though I usually never drive my car, I drove it once and got a parking ticket! UGH! I just may move give in and move to an Amish community! That said, I am thankful that my son is able to troubleshoot all things Tech. If I need something set up tech-wise, he's on it. If something breaks, like my kindle, he always seems to figure out a solution ("Mom, didn't you know there is a page forward button on the left, too?). It's really an odd and wonderful and just plain excellent thing when your kids surpass your knowledge! My son, at age 12, has me beat when it comes to algebra, metric conversions, and technology.

2. It's always odd being on the other side of parent teacher conferences. I had my first parent-teacher conference for Chiara yesterday. She is doing great with all her preK skills. Her teacher also noted her funny expressions and fantastic sense of humor - I'm so thankful she is expressing both in class.

3. I am thankful that I have the strength and energy to still ride my bike to work, even as the days grow colder.
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