Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: NYC New York Color's Smooch Proof 16-Hour Lip Stain

Disclosure: NYC New York Color sent me samples for review. I was not asked to write about this product. All opinions are my own. 

Finally - a lip color that last my enter looooong day, without fading: NYC New York Color's Smooch-Proof 16 hour Lip Stain.

If there is anyone who would be the perfect candidate for reviewing a 24 hours lip stain, it's me: I officially have the longest day ever: I am awake by 6am, ride my bike to work, teach 150 or so highschoolers, then return home again by bike, pick up the kids, prep dinner, work on my writing while the kids work on their homework. Then it's bedtime for the kids and I can *finally* take a moment to catch my breath. I do my make up in the morning, and I really don't have the time for touch-ups. I keep it simple: mascara, a cheek stain, lip balm and now..lip stain (instead of my usual lipstick).

 NYC New York Color's 16-Hour Lip Stain is lightweight, transfer-proof and it stays vivid all my busy day long. With its felt-tipped pen, I can line my lips and fill them in easily. It's also very affordable at $4.99 each.

You can find  NYC New York Color's 16-Hour Lip Stain at chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide. To find a retailer near you, visit

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