Monday, November 18, 2013

#makesmesmilemondays The House Theatre's Nutcracker - a Don't-Miss Holiday Show

Last night, the kids and I headed out after the storm calmed down to see the  House Theatre's The Nutcracker, now playing at the Chopin Theater. Our favorite Christmas show is by far this reinvention of the holiday classic, which focuses on Clara’s journey to save her family, reeling from the wartime death of her brother, from the Rat King.  Chiara, age 4, was absolutely entranced, and Daniel, age 12, laughed out loud throughout. We were sitting in the front row of this intimate theater space, and at several points during the show the cast members spoke or sang directly at my kids which of course was a thrill for both of them. At intermission, several people came up to me to tell me how they enjoyed watching my kids' reactions to the show as much as the show! 

A good holiday show will have you laughing and tearing up, one after the other and this version of the Nutcracker is both hilarious and heartwarming. Behind the outstanding song and dance numbers and the unforgettable performances by each and every one of the cast members, this show tells the story of a brother and a sister bound for life despite death. Of course I cried a bit here and there because I couldn't help but to be reminded of the brother and sister duo seated beside me: One of the sweetest parts of being a mother, for me at least, has been witnessing the love between these two. My daughter has taught my son patience, unconditional love and joy, and he in turn has taught her some of the most essential skills in life, i.e. how to dunk cookies in milk, how to play scrabble and Connect4, how to pick apples and blueberries - I can't even count the many things my son has taught my daughter.  During the show, when Fritz (Clara's older brother) tells her that he had a vision of the future and saw her bouncing her very own baby boy on her lap, to comfort her as a reminder of all the happy Christmases to come, I couldn't help but to tear up (and I wasn't the only one!). 

The kids with cast member Brenda Barrie. 

The delightful Nutcracker, now playing at the Chopin Theatre

Don't miss the House Theatre's The Nutcracker, now playing at the Chopin Theater. 

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