Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#HolidayHosting with Kenmore: Seven #HolidayHacks

Disclosure: I participated in the Kenmore Holiday Blogger Summit 2013 as a guest of Kenmore. I was not asked to write about this event or any products. All opinions are my own.

I recently attended an amazing blogger summit hosted by the folks at Kenmore. We were wined, dined and educated on home appliances. Who knew that there is actually a suction rating system for vacuum cleaners? That there is an oven that can bake six trays of cookies simultaneously? That there exists a dryer that actually irons your clothes for you? While I am still waiting for a dryer that contains a little robot that pops out, folds all our family's clothing and puts them all back into our closets and drawers, appliance technology today is amazing. 

Vin Brule'
One of the best parts of the summit was the sharing of recipes and blogger hacks. It was a rainy, chilly evening when I arrived to the Kenmore/Craftsman Studio, so I was delighted when I was greeted with a cup of my very own recipe for warm Vin Brule' (mulled wine, Italian-style), prepared by the Kenmore chefs. You can find my recipe here, on the website, where you'll also find a ton of great recipes, perfect for the holidays.   

Here are 7 Holiday Hacks I learned at the Kenmore Blogger Summit:
  • Freeze grapes to chill room temperature wine.
  • When you need room temperature butter and it's frozen: Just grate it!
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on your carpets and vacuum - your home will smell like Christmas!
  • Quick fix for too tight shoes: Fill a ziploc baggie with water, place it into your shoe and put the shoe into the freezer. Your shoes will be stretched by morning!
  • Warm your kids sheets in the dryer for ten minutes to tuck them in tight and warm for the night before Christmas!
  • Dip sugar cones in white chocolate melted in your slow cooker and have kids decorate with candy "ornaments" for any easy, make-it-yourself treat.
  • Dip mini-spoons in chocolate (again, melt it in your slow cooker!) and top with mini-marshmallows for a sweet treat to accompany hot cocoa. 
Do you have any holiday hacks to share? What are your go-to holiday recipes? Share on twitter with the hastag #holidayhosting - I'd love to hear any tips or tricks that make holiday hosting just a little bit easier!

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