Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

On Halloween morning, I woke up to find Elvis, alive and well, eating a bagel in my kitchen. (I am relieved to know that my son can always fall back on a career as an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. One day he will thank me for running out to buy the stick-on sideburns at the last minute - the mommy move that jump-started his career. He does have Elvis hair - we just had to spray paint it a bit darker).

Later a witch made her appearance. She was waving her candy corn magic wand so furiously I couldn't capture a picture of her standing still. Really she wanted to dress up as a Zombie - she wanted to SCARE people, she insisted - but I thought I'd spare the rest of our community from having to see a zombie four-year-old, and so she was a scary witch, with a spider hanging down from her witch's hat. 

On Halloween morning, I volunteered at Chiara's preschool. Dressed as a cowgirl, I manned the "Knock over the milk bottle with a sandbag" station at the Halloween festival in the gym. It was so fun seeing all the kids dressed up in their adorable costumes. Next I flew to my son's school in the afternoon, where I tried to help wrangle the middleschoolers as they munched on pizza and participated in a costume contest and brief "dance" (ten minutes of chaos) in the gym. 

Afterschool we relaxed at home, ate lentil soup and squash gratinee and watched "The Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile" - a Raggedy Ann and Andy classic. Then we braved the drizzle and the kids trick or treated around our neighborhood. I really appreciate that many of our neighbors dress up and greet the kids so happily, with smiles and candy and decorated homes.

Today I'm putting our scary skeleton, a.k.a. "SeccoSecco", back into his basement abode. It was a very peaceful and fun Halloween. I reminded my son before he went to bed of how much fun I had - I live for this stuff! Childhood is so fleeting. I was over-the-moon to be able to spend the day with Elvis and my scaaaaary witch.

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