Friday, November 22, 2013

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day This Black Friday

Buy Nothing Day ClassicIt's that time of year again...Buy Nothing Day, a day that my family has celebrated year after year with much joy. What do we do on Buy Nothing Day? We don't buy anything - on Black Friday.

Let me preface this by stating that anyone who knows me well knows that I hate shopping. I really just find zero joy in shlepping to a mall, trying on clothes, dragging my kids around from store to store, and buying, buying, buying. So I just don't do it. If I have to shop, I'll shop online.

When it comes to gift giving, I prefer to give my kids and nieces and nephews experience type gifts. For example, last year, I took my niece to experience the Shedd Aquarium's Trainer-for-a-Day program. I'm gifting my parents with tickets to a holiday show. This Christmas, one of the main gifts that Santa will be gifting both my kids are ski  lessons. We also have so many fun outings planning over the holidays, too: Christmas Day is always the best of all, but the days leading up the big day will be filled with so many fun and festive happenings - none of which have to do with shopping.

It saddens me that the day after Thanksgiving, a day that people should be at home spending time with family or out and about enjoying a day off, has become a day of shopping as a sport. I feel sorry for the employees that are forced to leave their families on Thanksgiving evening to head back into work to deal with outrageous shoppers.

I just can't understand parents that overspend on their kids, or people who wait in line to buy items that no one truly needs in the first place. Let's face it: most of the gifts that your kids receive this year will wind up in that sad land of toys that are never played with - the attic or the basement. I know my kids appreciate the gifts they receive on Christmas morning, but more than that, they really do love the time we spend together as a family over the holidays. So I am renewing that promise this year, and focusing on giving my children the gift of my time: board games, cooking together, watching movies together - all that fun family stuff that lasts longer than any "stuff".

This Black Friday my family and I will be at home preparing a big meal together, a repeat of Thanksgiving, and enjoying a long, drawn out lunch with our extended family.

What will you being doing on Black Friday? Join me in celebrating Buy Nothing Day 2013!
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