Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five New Children’s Books by Authors from around the Globe

Travel the world with these five charming newly released children's books written by renowned children’s authors from around the globe.

Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story 
Adapted from the Memories of Donald Uluadluak 

"In order to train a good dog, you have to build trust with the dog, living with it every day and teaching it through how you behave and how you treat it. I spent a lot of time with my dogs. It was more like building a good friendship than raising an animal. Eventually they start to understand you and you start to understand them."

-Kamik an Inuit Puppy Story 
Travel to the northernmost territory of Canada and tag along as a little boy trains his headstrong, disobedient puppy, Kamik. As little Jake works hard to transform Kamik into a speedy sled dog, his grandfather shares the sled dog rearing traditions of the Inuit, who have been raising husky dogs for generations.  

No Such Thing as Nessie
Chani McBain and Kirsteen Harris-Jones
Voyage to Loch Ness, Scotland, and join little Finlay on a hunt for the elusive Nessie. While visiting her grandmother, who lives near the infamous Loch Ness, brave dinosaur-loving Finlay ignores the disbelievers and sets out to prove that the Loch Ness Monster really does exist.   

Avati: Discovering Arctic Ecology
Mia Pelletier

Explore the complex Arctic ecosystem and discover the plants and animals that thrive despite the cold. This beautiful book gives readers a glimpse into the amazing ways that animals, plants, and insects have adapted and learned to coexist in the Arctic ecosystem. 

Anton and the Battle
Ole Konnecke
Swedish author and illustrator Ole Konnecke brings to life two tiny boys as they battle to determine who is the strongest. It's all about imagination as Anton and Luke duke it out with their imaginary weapons of destruction - including a giant bugle, a super loud piano and a four-headed dragon. 

A Year Around the Great Oak
Gerda Muller

Watch as the seasons change and friendships are strengthened under a mighty oak tree in Germany. Benjamin, Anna and their cousin Robin discover the intricate ecosystem that the tree seems to rule in this enchantingly illustrated book by renowned children's author Gerda Muller. Kids will love trying to spot the many animals scattered throughout the forest that surrounds the Great Oak. 

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