Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Best Gelato in Rome

Someone asked me again recently: what's your pick for the best gelato in Rome?

You can never eat enough gelato when in Rome. Our favorite: Gelateria al Teatro, which is hidden in a tiny side passageway off Via dei Coronari, a short walking distance from Piazza Navona. You'll find artiginale gelato here, housemade - so no bright colors or processed ingredients. Last time we were there, I wanted to try the many interesting flavors - Sicilian blood orange, or Blueberry Ricotta, or the range of fresh granitas (a cross between a slushie and a sorbet) - but I stuck with my tried and true favorite, dark chocolate, which was creamy, rich, and bittersweet as it should be, topped with unsweetened fresh panna (whipped cream). Daniel had fresh strawberry sorbet with a side of straciatella, plain ice cream swirled with dark chocolate. The little staircase that leads up to a small theater is the perfect spot to enjoy your gelato. I wish I could teletransport myself there today!
Daniel eating his daily gelato in Rome

Gelateria al Teatro

Via S. Simone 70, Roma (near Piazza Navona, off via dei Coronari) 

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