Monday, September 2, 2013

A new school year = a blog makeover! Welcome to Amy Writes at

September is always the start of a fresh new year for me. It's my personal "Happy New Year!"

Autumn: my favorite season of all

Since I'm a teacher, it's a fresh new batch of students, ready (or not!) to learn.

As a mom, September means getting into the groove of a new schedule - this year I have a child in middle school, edging closer to high school, and one at the start of her formal education, in PreK.

September is the time of year when I shop for the most new clothing, when I try out new beauty products and routines, and when I make new resolutions.

This September, I also wanted to throw in a little blog makeover, too, so welcome to Amy Writes (

I look forward to sharing!

Happy September to you and yours!
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