Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 Things I'm thankful for this week #ThankfulThursday

Every Thursday, I'll be highlighting three things I'm thankful for. Join me by sharing three things you're thankful for, too. #ThankfulThursday

1. I'm thankful that I can walk to and from my daughter's school to drop her off and pick her up. Sometimes Daniel comes with me and we bring the wagon. Few things make me happier than seeing how happy and kindhearted my two children are when they are together. 

2. So many of my students are so seriously talented. One student of mine always decorates her paper with artwork (see below - She has also written wonderfully in Italian). I'm so thankful to have so many talented, bright and kind students in my classroom everyday.

3. I've had a wonderful week biking to work. So far this month, I've biked 47 miles (!!!) - and we're not even exactly halfway through the month. I feel so.much.better. when I start my day with exercise! 

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