Thursday, September 5, 2013

3 Things I'm thankful for this week #ThankfulThursday

Every Thursday, I'll be highlighting three things I'm thankful for. Join me by sharing three things you're thankful for, too. #ThankfulThursday

1. I'm thankful for being able to ride my bike to work on these gorgeous Autumn days. I ride down the tree-lined Logan Boulevard,  through Logan Square, down Milwaukee Avenue, passing by so many wonderful shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and murals. I love circling through the actual square, and seeing students and friends along the route, making me feel like I'm living in a small neighborhood as opposed to the big city. I'm happy to see more and more of the students at the school where I teach riding their bikes to school this year, too. I also drop my daughter off at school and pick her up on my bike, and for the short time she is with me, riding in her little seat on the back of my bike, I sing songs to her. Mornings are still so hectic for me, but this little routine makes them special.

2. Speaking of mornings, my kids have been in school for almost two full weeks now, and I am so thankful that they are excited about school! I am very proud of my daughter, who I drop off early in the morning to a brand-new before-school care program: she is all smiles and has settled into a new school without any problems. She is so resilient and strong, at the tender age of 3-going-on-4.

3. Yesterday I was in our school library chatting with our librarian while she checked out book after book for boy after boy. "The boys are out-reading the girls this year!" she shared, as she scanned yet another book for checkout. "I've had to order more books already." I listened in as boy after boy asked when such-and-such book was scheduled to arrive. I am thankful for kids that love to read, and I am especially thankful to see that more and more boys are finding the joy in reading.
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What are you thankful for this week? Join the #ThankfulThursday conversation!

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