Monday, August 19, 2013

#makesmesmilemondays Picking Up Big Brother from Equestrian Camp

Daniel spent all of last week away from home, at an equestrian camp. On Friday, families were invited to see firsthand all the new skills that their children had acquired. 

Daniel was in the second level this year, and now he really excels at taking care of a horse, from cleaning the stall to saddling up his horse - he did it all with amazing confidence. 

Chiara was THRILLED to see her brother. I have to say that in Chiara's eyes, her brother is the brightest and the best in the entire family. When she saw him she just leaped for joy and ran into his arms.

Daniel is now a super confident rider, thanks to two years of equestrian camp and this summer's intense riding in Montana. 

Meanwhile, Chiara, at age 3, fearlessly hops into the saddle like a little Calamity Jane. 

It was a wonderful end of summer treat to spend an afternoon on the farm with my cowboy and cowgirl. 

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