Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where We've Been: Wild Montana Skies

For the past two weeks, we've been exploring under the Wild Montana Skies.  

Montana was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. 

We had a few chance encounters with wild animals, including this bison who popped in for a visit while we were wading in a creek...

Chiara feeling a little bit iffy about the unexpected visitor

We went riding over 4 hours each day through the valleys and mountains at guest ranch located in the middle of nowhere (near the Gallatin National Forest). I was so proud of my son as I watched him gain more and more confidence on a horse. At one point, while riding through a valley, all the horses "spooked" when a clap of thunder hit out of nowhere. The horses bolted away yet my son remained calm and reigned his horse in immediately. (Another woman in our party fell off her horse during this incidence and suffered a concussion.) The skills he learned atthe equestrian camp he attended last year were truly put into practice. 

My son the cowboy, a.k.a. Lonesome Dove

I could not get the pink cowboy boots off my daughter. She loved being able to roam free and explore nature, and was just thrilled by all the sights, sounds, and creatures she encountered along the way. She  even cried in bed the night we returned to Chicago because she wanted to go back to Montana! 

Note the boots are on the wrong feet.
Stay tuned - I'll be sharing links to some articles from our fantastic trip out West soon!

Just me and my cowgirl!

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