Monday, July 22, 2013

"The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things" by Amanda Ross-Ho

Yesterday we stumbled upon artist Amanda Ross-Ho, as she worked with a team to complete the installation of "The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things" in the Museum of Contemporary Art plaza.

I was thrilled to show my daughter a women artist in action. I love this picture above, too: it was almost as we we were watching a woman at a beauty salon, as she serenely let the world go by while artists fine-tuned her beauty.

The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things replaces one of my all-time favorite pieces of public art, MOTHERS by Martin Creed. I always told my kids that I wished I could have jumped up and grabbed onto the giant, spinning MOTHERS - if only I could reach the bottom of the letter S - every time we passed by. Note to Mr. Creed: If you could have made it a tad bit lower so mothers like myself could have jumped onto the letter S, that would have been super cool. 

It was interesting to listen today to Martin Creed describe MOTHERS (see the Youtube video below). 

Mothers must be bigger than you are. 

Mothers are the most important people in the world. 

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