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Creating My Dream Living Room Design with La-Z-Boy

Remember the La-Z-Boy? 

A Vintage La-Z-Boy - back in style!
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My good old Grandpa, may he rest in peace, spent most of his retirement years on a La-Z-Boy that looked something like the olive green one above. I have fond memories of rushing into Grandma and Grandpa's home, and always knowing I could find Grandpa on his La-Z-Boy, reading the newspaper, eager to hear about my latest misadventures.

I was thrilled to meet THE La-Z-Boy himself this past weekend at Blogher, a huge blogging conference that I had the pleasure of attending. 

Don't you just love his sofa-inspired suit?!

Me and my Laz-Y-Boy

Mr. La-Z-Boy inspired me to check out my nearest La-Z-Boy showroom, as we are in the middle of a grand remodel of our upstairs bedrooms, bathroom, and most important, our family living room area. As we are now engaged in the full-blown bathroom remodel, I'm just starting to take notes and search out some inspiration for our living room area. 

Here's what I learned while visiting the La-Z-Boy showroom: 

La-Z-Boy recliners are still damn comfy. 

Also, and most importantly to me, I don't have to go it alone when it comes to dreaming up and bringing my dream living room area to life. As the top of my blog so clearly states, I'm a writer, a teacher, and a mom - and not a designer. I leave most furniture showrooms completely baffled and frustrated. In addition to super-helpful salespeople, La-Z-Boy offers people like me some support when it comes to designing that perfect space. 

First off, check out the La-Z-Boy 3-D Room PlannerIt helps you to easily map out your room shape (including windows and doors) and customize furniture styles and fabrics. You can also change the floorings and change the paint color! This tool alone gives me design peace of mind: I can't tell you how many times I've ordered something from a showroom only to have major buyers remorse once it landed in our home. 

The Style Finder helps you discover your style preferences. Sure, I know what I like and what I don't like, but when it comes to defining my home decor style, I was at a loss. I now know that I am a blend of Eclectic and Casual Chic - which does indeed describe me well. This tool then gave me concrete design examples of my style, and I loved every one!

Perhaps best of all, however, is that La-Z-Boy offers FREE IN-HOME DESIGN! An actual design professional will come to your home and help turn your dreams into reality...for free! I am planning on setting up my appointment as soon as the dust settles from our bathroom tear-down.

The Style Finder tool gave me this example of a room that fits my style, and I love it!

Also at Blogher, I was introduced to Kelly Edwards via La-Z-Boy, who gifted me with a signed copy of her book, The Design Cookbook Recipes for a Stylish Home

Kelly is the cohost of Design on a Dime and My Awesome Room, and presents her design tips as a collection of “recipes” that include the ingredients, proportions, and overall design aesthetics needed for a stylish room. I've already started bookmarking some of my fave ideas. 

I can't wait to begin designing my dream living room space with a little help from La-Z-Boy! Are you currently working on a home remodeling or design project? Please share in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own. I am entering for a chance to win $5000 in La-Z-Boy furniture by sharing my experience at the BlogHer conference. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi Amy, We are renovating our living room and was wondering how did your turn out?
    Delores Ensley