Friday, June 7, 2013

Drive Less and Live More! Don't forget to sign up for next week's Bike to Work Challenge!

I biked to work three out of five days this past week, and took a long bike ride on Sunday with my son. On my Drive Less Live More trip tracker, I can see that I've not only traveled 31 miles by bike this week alone but I've also saved 1.5 gallons of gas (saving me about $7.58), and burned almost 1,700 calories. I've never really monitored this data, and I love seeing what I've saved, both calorie and penny-wise, by riding my bike to work. I really like the Drive Less Live More trip tracker. 

Join me next week -June 8-14 - for the Bike to Work week challenge! At, you can create your own bike commuting challenges, or see if your employer already has a team in place. Every time you log in a commute, you have a chance to win prizes, too.Check it out!
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