Monday, May 6, 2013

#makesmesmilemondays My Son, the Handyman

When my son was about age 3, he was obsessed with Bob the Builder; he could not get enough of building/creating/tinkering/making. He had a number of pretend drills and tools, but sometimes he would steal the real thing from his Dad. Oh how he loved working (with some help) with a real hammer and nails! He would often go around the home, pretending to fix and repair things, wearing his Home Depot toolbelt and sometimes accepting pretend work-related phone calls from his pretend cell phone. He also sometimes kept a pencil behind his ear, not that he knew how to write yet, but just to feel fully in carpenter character.

Flash forward ten years:

When his little sister's bike came in the mail, he opened the box and got to work, without even being asked. And when I caught him in action, I couldn't help but to beam. All of those practice runs taking things apart and trying to put them back together as a child (that sometimes drove me nuts!) have paid off! Note to Parents: If you are going cuckoo stepping on Legos and listening to that unforgettable refrain (Can we fix it? YES, we CAN!), be patient: someday soon, you just might have a budding and very helpful, handman in your home!

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