Monday, May 13, 2013

#makesmesmilemonday Mother's Day

I woke up on Mother's Day to sunshine, pancakes prepared by my son, and lots of kisses and smiles, all reminders of the greatest gift that God has blessed me with: the chance to be a mother. I will never take motherhood, nor my two children, for granted. I always tell them that I prayed to God to give me healthy children and he decided to bless me with two kids that are not only healthy, but also beautiful and kind and funny. I'm so incredibly and eternally thankful to be their mother.

Chiara's teacher made this Mother's Day photo collage - Chiara is at the top of the O and the E.

And Daniel made me this beautiful 3-D card. I can hardly believe he once lived in that big ole' belly of mine - and that picture was taken when I still had a month and half of pregnancy left to go! (He was a BIG baby!). 

On the inside of the card he wrote: "Thank you Mom, for being the most wonderful Mom in the world!"

And that, my friends, says everything about motherhood: I am certainly not perfect, nor the most wonderful Mom in the world, but all of us Moms are wonderful and perfect in the eyes of our children. Happy Mother's  Day! 
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