Monday, March 18, 2013

#makesmesmilemondays A Happy Birthday

Last night, after dinner, my son told me, in complete seriousness, that his cheeks were aching from smiling so much. 

I reminded him that cheek aches from smiling too much are the best kind of aches to have. I taught him how to press some pressure points in his jaw area. 

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday. 15 kids from all over the city descended upon our home for a grand celebration. I was reminded that it doesn't take much for a happy birthday party: the kids played "Zombie Tag" outdoors, then came inside to play pictionary. They worked together to create their own version of the Harlem Shake. They ate pizza. We all gathered around a homemade chocolate birthday cake and sang happy birthday. 

Friends + Family + a birthday cake blazing with 12 candles = 
Happiness (and a cheek ache from smiling too much) 

These kids really know how to dance!
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