Monday, March 4, 2013

#makesmesmilemondays Dogsledding Adventure on île Sainte-Hélène

I was in Montreal this past weekend, where I experienced so many wonderful new adventures: I climbed, at night, to the top of Mont Royal with snowshoes and sipped hot cocoa while overlooking the stunning city skyline, I savored a cocktail in a chilly but glowing ice bar, I was swept away by the amazing public art and fun city vibe of the Montreal en Lumiere festival, and I delighted in fresh-from-the-oven croissants at the Jean Talon covered market. But the memory of beautiful Montreal that warms my heart the most is my dogsledding adventure on  île Sainte-Hélène . 

Dogsledding on  île Sainte-Hélène was one of those items that I never thought to have put on my bucket list but would have had I dreamed it possible. It wasn't easy staying on the sled, nor commandeering the playful pups. But it was nothing short of delightful to swiftly glide over the hills and through the woods of picturesque île Sainte-Hélène with these charming dogs. 
six dogs led the way
The dogs, too, adored running through the woods and prancing through the snow. We took a few roll-around-in-the-snow breaks. 

I learned all the French Canadian dogsledding lingo that there is to learn, mainly "En Avant, En Avant, Hip! Hip!" 

En avant!

The picture below is foggy from the chill, but that's me, gliding away on my dog sled, past the Tour de Lévis.

I wished I could have brought the dogs home with me in my suitcase!

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