Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Letter to a Dog Who Passed Over the Rainbow Bridge

Our dog Gizmo, like all dogs, is just filled with boundless
love for the members of our family. He really thinks
he is my natural born child!
My sister's dog died unexpectedly last weekend, causing a ripple effect of sadness through the entire family. My niece, Ashley, who is an excellent writer (she even is part of the Chicago Tribune's MASH staff!) shared this heartfelt letter to her dog, Daisy, with our family. Read it, and remember to give your pet some extra cuddles today.

Little did I know, Daisy would become my best friend. When we picked her up on that warm sunny day at her rescuer's house, she brought so much joy to our family. We had also brought with us her brother, Cooper. They were completely opposite looking: Cooper had brown, wiry hair and a long body with big floppy ears. Daisy was black with mostly white and she was really small. She was the spunkiest one in her litter and always wanted to play.
When we got home i held her in my arms and took her on a tour of our house. She was so small. It was a warm summer day and we sat on our back porch enjoying our new puppies as all of our friends came to greet the new editions. We loved them both so much, we weren't sure we could keep Cooper though because he would get too big and that was too much for our family. So Cooper found a great new loving family with a friend ferret.
Daisy was always the most loving dog ever. She would always kiss you when you would pet her and always just want to be held. All she wanted was to love and be loved. We would always sneak her food and even though we all agreed to stop, I think we all secretly gave her bits of meat anyways.
Every day when I would come home from school, especially when it was a rough day, I would always open the door and there would be a loving Daisy waiting for me. And even though her bark was really annoying at times and made all of us mad, we would give in and just hold her. I think that was all she secretly wanted. Just to be a part of the family.
She always would love to go on walks and when she pooped or peed, she would do a territorial shuffle and kick her tiny legs so fast that grass would fly up.
Somehow me and Daisy were close. I guess we were sisters, but when everyone was fighting and I had to get away, Daisy followed me. I was like her big sister. She looked at me when I was running and I had to stop and pet her. When I did sit ups she would kiss me whenever i would get close to the floor. She was a crazy little dog but we had an understanding. Somehow, someway we did. As i am writing this I am crying because I will always remember Daisy as a friend, not a pet. A best friend.
I love you Daisy, forever and always. 
Your sister/best friend,

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