Monday, February 11, 2013

Today's Guest Post on Travel is on Clubbing Holidays 2013: Managing Your Money for Malia
Clubbing holidays 2013 don’t have to leave a humungous hole in your pocket. Knowing when and where to book your Malia session can save you serious amounts of cash, leaving you more to splash when you land down in Crete.
Although your mates are probably on at you to leave it until the last minute to “get a good deal” on your clubbing holiday, they really couldn’t be more wrong. Booking in January or February gives you longer to get to grips with the balance of your holiday, and come up with a weekly plan to pay it off little by little.
Rather than cramming in a ton of overtime just before you fly, booking earlier in the year means that you can stress less and just look forward to the capers and carnage that your summer abroad is guaranteed to bring.
Ditch the travel agent as well. It may seem like a bold move, and they are very pretty breeds of humanoids, but cutting them out completely and selecting your session online will mean you benefit from web exclusive discounts and other lovely bits and bobs.
Don’t try to cut corners either. Although you might be a bit tempted to put together a DIY package, you will not enjoy your holiday half as much as you would if you had booked your break through a clubbing holiday company.
Not only do clubbing holiday companies know the score when it comes to shots and Malia sands, they also have various arrangements with clubs and companies on the island, which their party rockers benefit from directly.
Other than that, cut out a few nights out on the bevvy before you go to save up a bit of spends, and you have yourself one stress free and affordable way to do Malia 2013.

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